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Featured Products
Great Basin Saddlebag
Brand: Giant Loop
MSRP: $459.79
Our Price: $439.00
You save $20.79!
SBK Oval II Aluminum ETV 1000
Brand: Leo Vince
MSRP: $606.43
Our Price: $579.00
You save $27.43!
Galfer Upgrade 1150GS
Brand: Galfer
MSRP: $678.70
Our Price: $648.00
You save $30.70!
Flexx Handlebar System
Brand: Fasst Company
MSRP: $349.99
Our Price: $329.99
You save $20.00!
G650X Stabilizer - Complete
Brand: Scotts Performance
MSRP: $418.90
Our Price: $399.95
You save $18.95!
Sidi Adventure Rain
Brand: Sidi
Our Price: $400.00

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Renazco Racing
Santa Rosa, CA

(707) 902-DIRT
(707) 902-3478

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:00PM
Pacific Time (GMT -7)

The Renazco Racing Referral Rewards Program.

Over the years, Renazco Racing has established a reputation for quality products delivered with an outstanding level of customer service, and our business has grown tremendously through the recommendations of satisfied customers. We feel like it's time to show our appreciation not only by providing great service at great prices, but also by actually paying our customers back for their referrals and repeat business.

Accumulating Credits:

The Referral Rewards Program credits you for the purchases made by your friends - simply offer your Referral Code to one of your riding pals, and ask him or her to enter that code in the appropriate field during their own order checkout. That's it! Each referral adds one credit to your account (your pal can only use your Referral Code once, by the way), and you can keep track of your accumulated credits by logging into your account using the links in the navigation bar above.

This program isn't simply based on referrals, however. Each time you complete a purchase through our store, another credit is added to your account. This is our way of paying you back for your repeat business, on top of existing discounts, sales and coupon codes used during the course of your shopping.

You can accumulate up to 25 credits in your account. Once you hit 25, further purchases and referrals will not increment your credit balance.

Monitoring Your Credit Balance:

At any time you can login to your account, where you'll find a link to your Referral Rewards Program balance. You'll also find your personal Referral Code on the menu as well as at the top of your credit balance sheet, which shows you how many credits you've redeemed and how many you have available.

Existing customers will be pleased to note that they've already received one credit for each of their previous orders!

Redeeming Your Credits:

You must be logged in to your account before shopping to be presented with the option to redeem your Referral Rewards Program credit(s).

Each credit is good for a 1% reduction in the price of a given item in our store, up to a maximum of 25% for any one item. You may choose to redeem your entire credit balance for that item, or you can redeem a portion of your balance and save the remainder for another item during that order - or simply bank it for use in the future.

Assuming you're logged in to your account before shopping, and assuming you have a credit balance, a notification will be displayed in the pricing section for each product, showing you the possible revised price of that item if you were to redeem your entire balance. If you choose to purchase the product using any or all of your accumulated credits, choose the number of credits you wish to redeem and click "Add to Cart". It's that simple!

Your accumulated credits remain in your account until your order is completely checked out. If you change your mind about how many credits you want to apply to an item, just remove that item from your cart and add it a second time using the correct number of credits (if any).


Your continued business and referrals can save you up to 25% on any item in our store! We're not aware of any other online motorcycle parts, accessory and clothing retailer offering this type of customer appreciation program.


No previous purchases are necessary to create an account. Creating an account gives you a Referral Code to distribute to friends and family, and their referral credits will be applied to your account until such time as you wish to redeem them. Create a new account here.

If, at any time, you experience a technical problem with redeeming your Referral Rewards Program credit, please email or call us at (707) 902-DIRT. We'll be happy to assist you with your order and/or credit balance.

Renazco Racing reserves the right to terminate a customer's participation in the Referral Rewards Program due to abuse or fraud.

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