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Galfer Upgrade 1150GS
Brand: Galfer
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Flexx Handlebar System
Fasst Company - FC-FLEXX    Be the first to review this
Quite simply the finest, most effective anti-vibration and anti-armpump handlebar system on the planet.

Availability: In Stock *

Bend: Sweep (deg/mm) - Width (in) - Height (mm):
Cycra ProBend CRM Hand Guards - $90.00:
Colored Crossbar Kits - $30.00:
Damper Crossbar Kits - $34.00:
Bar risers/adapters - $69.95:
Add 7/8in to 1 1/8in Rox Risers (2in lift)
Crossbar Pads - $14.99:
The Flexx Handlebar System (Patent # 6,860,500) is designed to absorb shock and vibration that is transferred to your hands, arms, elbows and shoulders. The design was originally intended to absorb catastrophic impacts for instance casing a jump or hitting a large “g-out.” The reality of the system’s performance is a massive reduction in shock and abuse transferred to the rider throughout all types of terrain. The Flexx Handlebar System offers a controlled, consistent flex that is tunable through four different density elastomers that come with the system. The result: greater control and less abuse.

We take great pride in bringing you the only 100% American Made handlebar. The Flexx Handlebar System is a labor-intensive product. Exclusively constructed out of two different states of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, our handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care. Strict tolerances are checked many times over by a highly qualified production crew, ensuring that every component of the Flexx Handlebar System goes out our doors with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Dramatically reduces vibration due to the aluminum (material of the handlebar) to rubber (elastomer) interference.
  • The absorbing action of the Flexx Handlebar results in less abuse transferred to the rider, depleting arm pump and fatigue.
  • By articulating only in the same plane as the suspension the Flexx System absorbs square edge bumps, rocks, whoops, g-outs and hard landings without sacrificing control.
  • Tunable elastomers absorb abuse typically transferred to your upper body.

The Rebound Elastomer has long been a tuning trick of many Flexx Handlebar users, now it is in production form.The rebound kit is an exterior elastomer placed on the outside of the handle arm. The rebound elastomer eliminates any “top-out” feel when the bar returns to the top of the stroke which some riders experience and some don’t. With very little upward movement, no control is sacrificed.

The kit consists of two soft and two hard rebound elastomers, two longer bolts, two washers and two Nylok nuts. This is now a standard part of the kit, as opposed to an optional accessory.


Now available in eight colors to match any bike, or any taste: KTM Orange, Kawasaki Green, Suzuki/Husaberg Yellow, Honda Red, Yamaha Blue, Silver, Black and Pink. Flexx Handlebars ship with a silver crossbar pad.


Add to the already unique look of your machine with our Colored Crossbar Kits. Available in orange, red, green, black and natural.

Note: Short crossbars measure 9", long crossbars measure 10". Crossbar Kits come with 4 c-clips and 2 o-rings.


The Flexx Handlebar System will work with steering stabilizers from all manufacturers. To be able to use a stabilizer with the Flexx Handlebar System you need to replace the straight crossbars with crossbars that are cut to go over your steering stabilizer. They are available for both our moto (32" wide) and enduro/quad/mini (31"/29" wide) Flexx Handlebars.


The Flexx Handlebar System center mount is designed to replace 1 1/8" bars, but can easily be mounted on 7/8" bar mounts using your choice of adapters/risers. We highly recommend and offer Rox Risers which will adapt your 7/8" mounts - these will give you a 2" rise, so choose your handlebar height accordingly if you wish to maintain your current bar position. As a Rox distributor, Renazco Racing can assist with planning and purchasing whatever components you need to provide the best setup available.


* Please note that inventories are based on the most current information we have from our suppliers. Feel free to contact us to check inventory levels prior to placing your order - or, should availability change, we'll be sure to contact you to make suitable arrangements. In some cases, your item(s) may be slightly delayed due to shipping arrangements with the manufacturers. See our Shipping Information Page for details.
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